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  • Broadband

    Broadband Internet service truly is the most used form of Internet access because of its high access speeds.

    • featureStarting $250
    • feature30 GB - 100 GB bandwidth
    • featureHardware Modem
    • featureSpeed up-to 10Mbps
  • ADSL

    ADSL is a family of technologies that provide internet access by transmitting digital data on your local phone line

    • featureStarting $12
    • feature10 GB - 100 GB bandwidth
    • featureHardware Modem
    • featureSpeed 1Mbps to 4Mbps
  • 3G

    3G is the most popular mobile broadband service allowing users to connect to the Internet from anywhere

    • featureStarting $10
    • feature250 MB - 5 GB bandwidth
    • featureHardware SIM Card
  • Broadband
  • ADSL
  • 3G

Why you should choose T. H. Global Vision?


If you want the freedom of wireless broadband in your home or office, TH Global Vision is the choice for you. It’s vital that you get the right broadband deal, otherwise you could pay more than you need to for a below par broadband package.

  • featureSupport 24/7-365
  • featureReliable Connection
  • featureState-of-art Technology
  • featureNational Coverage
  • featureQuality infrastructure
  • featureFast Connectivity
  • featureHighest security rate
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What our clients are saying?

A testimonial for our business at T.H Global Vision is a very valuable tool which can be used throughout the company's marketing efforts to satisfy your needs and demands. Don't just take our word for it - See what our customers think!

  • The service at THGV is great i would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a reliable and fast internet connection.

    Laura M.
  • The quality and reliability of your internet services is outstanding, we wouldn't dare to move our business elsewhere.

    Mohamed I.

Why choose us.

T.H Global Vision provides everything you need related to internet services for you business or personal use - Broadband, ADSL and 3G. Many uses our services across Lebanon, and we have been known for our credibility thanks to our loyal costumers and excellent services.